Do negative reviews take away your motivation in no time?

Put an end to the story once and for all!

Do unwarranted public reviews ruin your day?

Are you tired of troll comments?

Fed up with customers giving their opinions in a patronizing tone about your service?

When a negative comment arrives, do you wish you could permanently remove your service from all online platforms?

Does it make your back shiver at the thought that not only do you have to deal with the anger, but also respond to them?

If any of the above has happened to you, then here’s good news: you now have the opportunity to get rid of these negative reviews!

Leave your three reviews to us, and for only 19 900 HUF, we will professionally respond to them for you!

I am Márti Duchai, the founder of EvaluationTUNING Ltd., specializing in review management. I have handled over 60,000 reviews to date. I pass on the knowledge gained from soliciting, managing, and responding to reviews to my colleagues, who manage an average of 40-60 Google, Tripadvisor, booking.com, szallas.hu, Tustindex customer accounts simultaneously. Therefore, we know exactly how troublesome it can be.

Especially when you want to provide responses that:

objectively inform readers

handle conflicts calmly

build trust through a caring attitude

stand by skeptics

silence negative voices

subtly include sales elements

The good news is, you don’t have to suffer alone anymore!

If you have been interested in the topic for a while and want to turn your reviews from enemies into allies, then this offer is designed for you.

For only 19 900 HUF, you can gain insight into the world of review management.

You can get acquainted with the importance and quality of review management without committing to a more serious and slightly more expensive approach.

Using the form below, send us your three most detested, problematic, and venomous reviews from wherever they came, and we will respond to them on your behalf!
Moreover, you’ll receive not just 3 answers that you can immediately copy into the response field!

You will also get:

The „Last Word Right” ebook valued at 4990 HUF+VAT, primarily written for tourism entrepreneurs, but useful in any segment as it provides insights into the psychology of reviewers and commonly banned words, and

A 20-minute personalized mini consultation where we’ll reveal what we considered in crafting responses to your reviews, and what you should pay attention to in the future, all as part of the package, instead of 11,600 HUF+VAT!

Some of my clients have shared their thoughts about our collaboration:

„Precise customer service, friendly tone, maximum expertise! Congratulations!”

Réka Oszlánczi, CEO of Creppy Palacsintaház

„Márti thoroughly covered the topic and provided the most professional advice, which I sincerely appreciate! I highly recommend her!”

Barbara Cziráki, owner of Hazai Provence

„Knowledgeable, kind, up-to-date.”

Balázs Nick, owner of Winyl and Wood

If you want to take advantage of this limited-time offer, all you need to do is answer a few questions related to the nature of your business (these are required for me to contextualize your reviews), and then copy and paste the reviews themselves along with their background stories.

Convinced? Then let’s embark on this adventure!

What will happen now?

After completing the payment, you will be immediately directed to the form page where you can upload the reviews you want to have answered.

If, for any reason, you are unable to upload the reviews immediately, don’t worry, you will also receive a summary email from hello@ertekelestuning.hu, which will include the link to the form.
Once we have all the necessary information from you, you will receive the responses to the reviews you uploaded within 2 business days. You can then insert these responses into the platforms where the reviews were received.

Please note that we do not handle responses to comments or reviews related to pornography or politics.

Thank you for your trust, and we look forward to receiving your reviews!